This Also Is Vanity

This post will be short and bittersweet.

The Book of Ecclesiastes, as written by King Solomon in his old age, tugs at my heart this weekend. In it, the word “vanity” is used 33 times in reference to all the wealth, accolades, achievements, etc. attained in his lifetime. Conclusion in each worldly achievement is, “This also is vanity.”

My wife died last October 4, 2018 from an 18-month agonizing ordeal with triple-negative breast cancer that spread to her organs, bones and brain… along with chemo and radiation. She was able to muster one more stint of Chaplaincy work at the hospital for a few weeks before the disease shut her down for good.

Now 10 months removed from her graduation to God’s bosom, I went through methodically and burned items she attained in her life… diplomas, plaques, awards, certificates, taxes, insurance forms, etc. It took over 5 hours to burn everything. She chose to be cremated and her cremains lay in the backyard flower garden. Her body, too, was burned. This world, one day, will be burned (2 Peter 3:10-13) instead of flooded again (as promised by the rainbow).

My point? All is vanity. Get right with God through His Son Jesus Christ… because one day all that you have left is what you have given to God. And if you belong to Him, He will share His wealth with you as equal heirs (Romans 8:17). Your personal wealth will be left behind for someone else to consume… if the fire does not get it first.

To learn more about my wife’s calling and help continue her ministry, visit her foundation to help Hospice House, cancer patients and Chaplaincy spiritual department in hospital.